What's different about our market?

With so many markets springing up around the city, why should you come to ours? Well, firstly, we are primarily an indoor food market, so you can shop without having to brave the ever-present Irish rain.

Secondly, we are working with a dedicated group of food producers and suppliers who really care about the quality of the produce they sell, and also care that they work in harmony with the seasons and the environment. So, real food at great prices without costing you the earth.

Thirdly, we have our own ranges of foods and wines available at the market, which we have chosen with great attention to quality and healthy eating, using only the freshest of ingredients.

Last, but not least, we believe that you will have a very enjoyable time when you visit us, and you will be welcome to sit in our community area and catch up with friends and neighbours - either new or old.