Our list of stalls on Saturdays - April 2013

Our list of stalls changes frequently, so always check on the website to be sure that you have the latest information before you visit.


The WholeHoggs - specialist pig farmer and pork butcher, with a range of charcuterie and pork products, farms outside Slane Co Meath

Jim Ryan: Farmer/butcher, specialising in beef, lamb and pork; farm produced ham, sausages, puddings - all direct from Jim's Farm outside Kells, Co Meath


Paul's Plaice - family run business, with fish from Irish ports, all totally freshly caught


Lots of vegetable options available at the market including local vegetables in season from Dublin/Meath hinterland, along with The SpudMan's Wexford spuds, and in season fruits, as well as lots of aromatics (ginger, garlic lemongrass) and organic, free-range eggs from Des Crinion outside Slane, Co Meath.

Organic vegetables and fruit are available at Rosie O'Sullivan's Stall, where she supplements her own farm-grown produce with imported  organic fruit and veg from primarily  European sources.

Baked Goods:

Choices abound at the market on breads, ranging from Sourdough Breads at the Arun Bakery Stall, to Gluten-free breads at Sticky Fingers Bakery, and complemented by Paris Bakery classic French breads available at the Pantry. Blas na Talun also bake traditional brown soda breads, fruit breads and more! All the breads are baked within a 10 mile radius of the market.

On the sweet baked goods front, take your choice from Blas na Talun, delicious flower-powered baked goodies from The Wild Flour Bakery, and gluten free options from Sticky Fingers Bakery. Katepops produces amazing cake pops based on seasonal themes.

Charcuterie and savoury ready to eat foods:

The Real Olive Company, Taste with Gusto, and The Purple Pantry provide a cornucopia of choice for that antipasti dish, and backed up with cheeses and pates from the Pantry. Meanwhile the Pieman has a fab range of handcrafted shortcrust pies, perfect for the lunchbox or picnic. Blas na Talun do quiches, pies and will make party food to order.

Other Sweet Stuff

Big Red Kitchen has  relishes and all things bottled and jarred, with lovely combinations of flavours sit across the way from Barts Chocolates, with a wide variety of flavours and intensity

Wine Stall

Unusually for a market, wines are available at the Pantry stall, as the Honest2Goodness team run a wine company as a major part of the business. So, European wines from the vineyards of Spain, France and Italy are all available at the market to complement that dinner or Sunday lunch.

Health Foods

At the Pantry, there are lots of gluten-free flours and other store-cupboard ingredients.

Basics for the Storecupboard

At the Pantry, there is an ever-evolving range of products for your store-cupboard from extra-virgin olive oils and vinegars, products to add flavour to your dishes including mustards, paprika, soya sauce, nam pla, tinned beans, lentils, tomatoes, coconut milk etc. Lots more storecupboard items at The Real Olive Company,  Taste with Gusto, Blas na Talun and The Purple Pantry.

Ethnic Foodstuffs

A recent addition to the market is Lily Ramirez-Foran with her range of Mexican goods, which she also sells via her website www.mymexicanshop.ie Lily loves to tell people about her native cuisine, so is delighted to talk to all curious newcomers as well as those in the know about Mexican food

Hot ready to eat foods

Choices here range from Pizza from Breanndans Wood-fired oven, to the hot dish of the day or the soup at the Cafe, as well as Panini made from seasonal market produce, and great Ariosa coffees, hot chocolate and teas.

Non-Food Stalls

Dave's Plants offers a wide range of seasonal plantlings from cabbage to turnips and all inbetween - he grows most of his plants himself and is available to advise on any gardening issues! McEvoys Fresh Flowers are adding extra colour and interest at the market since April 2013

Market facilities

We have a childrens Play area, a Charity Bookstall, free Wi-Fi and a welcoming atmosphere to all our customers, as well as free advice on how to cook all your purchases! There is plenty of parking in the vicinity and we will always help you with your shopping. You can sign up for our weekly newsletter, which gives you all the latest news and special offers by emailing brid@honest2goodness.ie