Market and Craft Fair Newsletter 9th December 2010


It looks like we'll be very lucky and get to have our Christmas Food Wine and Craft Fair in the thaw period between cold spells, so we'll be here on Saturday with lots and lots of  lovely Christmas present ideas for you. And of course, entry is free of charge!

So come along and enjoy the great food stalls, with lots of artisan food tastings, wine tasting and great local crafts & jewelry. Order your Christmas turkey or ham, plum pudding and fresh vegetables, or simply browse among the locally produced artisan crafts.

Hot mulled apple juice (aka Orchard Glow from David Llewelyn), freshly made mince pies from the Honest2Goodness kitchen, edible Christmas Tree decorations, hand-made Christmas cards, wearable & edible Christmas presents for children and adults, all made locally.


Let us make up a special Christmas Hamper for you, or make up your own from market produce. Entry is free for the event, and it runs from 9.30 on the 11th til 4.30 pm.

 Please note that due to the Craft Fair in the Cafe area of the market, the Children's Play area has had to be put away for the day - back next week, so we hope that with all the lovely crafts etc on display, the children will be sufficiently entertained!

Other stallholder news:

Christmas Wine Tasting event will take place on Saturday at 4.30 pm in the cafe area - just to round off the day at the Market! You get to taste some great wines, all the way from party wines to Christmas Day special occasion wines, and we'll give you lots of Food & Wine matching ideas as well - and no, we dont actually cook your turkey for you!

Spud Man stall is due to have a delivery of fresh herbs tomorrow, and he himself is in Wexford today picking up spuds and honey.

Jim Ryan has sent off 25 full hams to John Rogan's Smokehouse for smoking ready for Christmas. Ring Jim on 0879857480 if you want him to reserve you some as the last time he had some at the market it was gone by 10am. His unsmoked hams are €9 per kg while the smoked version is €11 per kg.


Dublin Meath Growers will have almost all seasonal vegetables at the market on Saturday, and hope to have seasonal plants as well. They wont have York Cabbage (melted in the cold according to John Hogan of DMG!), but they will have some of the lovely Savoy Cabbage instead (I made some Colcannon with this and Golden Wonder spuds during the week and it was gorgeous!). Irish Cauliflower is also off the list, and may not be ready this side of Christmas, although there may be some French caullie instead next week.

Gannet Fishmongers havent yet confirmed that they will be here on Saturday, but as the thaw is coming from the west, chances are pretty good that they will be here. Check the website on Saturday morning for any last minute updates on

At the Pantry, good news and bad news! Bad news first - the cheese delivery didnt include the Crozier Blue, as it wasnt ready in time, but we hope that it will arrive next week; on the good news front we did take delivery of a new product from Cooleeney called 'Baking Cooleeney' which apparently has gone down a storm at recent Food Fairs - ask us about it on Saturday! We are also due to get in a delivery of Derrycamma Rapeseed Oil tomorrow, as Pat is braving the slush to get some to us in time for Saturday.

Cafe news:  Hot soup of the day - Winter Vegetable; hot dish of the day will be Oriental Turkey Casserole, and we'll have our usual fare of Jim Ryan Ham toasties, crab mayonnaise on health bread, freshly made mince pies from our own mincemeat recipe, etc etc.

 Oh, and if you are still reading this very long newsletter, we will be doing the draw for our 'Bring a Friend' Hamper sometime around 3.30pm!