Market Newsletter 21st September 2010


Welcome to this - early! market newsletter for this week. Yes, I know we said that we wouldnt have a newsletter this week due to the family trip to Italy, but as there are a few things that we wanted to let you know about, we decided to do a quick one...

Firstly, thanks to all the well-wishers to the Spud Man, who had  an accident last week-end. He is doing ok, although he wont be able to travel to Italy with the rest of the family. Due to his lack of mobility following the accident, he wont be in a position to stock up on his usual fare, so expect his stall to have only spuds, eggs and honey this Saturday. He hopes to be back to normal produce by the following Saturday (although the soft fruit season may be finished by then).

Secondly, we decided that we wouldnt open the Wine Stall next Saturday, so you'll have to source your wine elsewhere for this weekend's consumption - sorry for that, but it was just to awkward to arrange.

We have extended the date for nominations for the Food Hero & Best Product  Awards to next Saturday. Nominations in each category to date include:

Food Hero nominations:

Peter Ward, Country Choice in Nenagh

Catherine from Mor Foods

Nevin Maguire

The girls at FromMothersKitchen

Dick and Dave's Pizza boys

Jenny McNally from Temple Bar/Leopardstown Markets

Donal Skehan - Food writer, Blogger and TV chef

Jim Ryan of Ryan's Farm

The Spud Man of Honest2Goodness

And for Best Food Products, these are some of the nominations:

Moonshine Organic Milk

Gannet's Wild Sea Bass

Jim Ryan's Pork Chops

Mor Foods Peri Peri Pickle

Dick and Dave's Pepperoni Pizza

Jenny McNally's mixed leaves

Cachet chocolates, from Phoenix Delites

Gubeen Cheese

Mor Foods Sweet & Sour Chilli Jam

... with more to come!

So, please log onto our nomination form, or fill in a form at the market on Saturday and leave at the Pantry!

Otherwise, pretty much business as usual at all the other stalls, including the Pantry and the Cafe as of now (Tuesday).

Planning on having Greek Meatballs as the dish of the day, as well as Carrot and Cumin soup

Hope you get to come along on Saturday - even if I wont be there myself!