Honest2Goodness Market Christmas 2010 Newsletter

It has to be said that 2010 is finishing much the way it started, cold, snowy and very inconvenient! At Honest2Goodness, we are as determined as usual to hold our market whatever the weather, so as of now (Thursday 16th), things will go ahead as normal on Saturday.

In addition, we are planning to have a market next Wed (22nd) from 12 til 7 pm, so that everyone can get the freshest produce possible for Christmas.

PLEASE, PLEASE check on our website at www.honest2goodness.ie for updates, as it is hard to judge just how much impact the weather will have on our plans, and if all our stallholders will be able to trek through the snow with produce!

Despite all this weather, it is still Christmas on the 25th, and nice wines need to be chosen to go with the lovely food you'll be buying from our stalls! So, to make up for our tasting being cancelled because of the earlier  snow we are holding a 'mini' wine fair on Saturday from 3-4pm at the Cafe.  This will be a very casual affair, with lots of wines to taste, and Colm has selected the following as being the ones he wants to showcase:


Dominio de la Vega Cava Brut €18.50


Albarino, Senorio di Rubios 2009 €14.50

 Dominio de la Vega, Oaked Sauvignon 2009 €15.50


 Vina Marro Rioja Gran Reserva, 1999 €26.00


La Ganghija, Nebbiolo d'Alba 2008 €20.00


Chateau Maucamps, 2005 €30.00

The tickets cost €10, redeemable against any wine purchase on the day, and we will be serving some cheeses from the Pantry to go with the wines. Please let us know if you plan on attending, so that we can gauge numbers, and confirm arrangements in case of the weather turning 'agin us'.

Other stallholder news:

Still lots of gift ideas at the market - practical and edible for the most part, just what is needed in these recessionary times!

As of now,  we havent had word from anyone that they wont be at the market this Saturday, apart from Pascale of Phoenix Delites, who isnt sure yet.

Pantry news: Just took in a delivery of cheeses, including more of the Baking Cooleeney (which sold out really quickly last week!) and some Crozier Blue; we are also due to take in some cheese biscuits tomorrow, as many customers have been asking for them - they are made by Seymours in Bandon in Cork.

We'll also have more of the hot mulled apple juice for sale - this also went down a treat for people last Saturday, and we'll have some of the spice sachets available for sale (75c each) so that you can pick up some for over the Christmas (the mulled apple juice makes a great alternative for drivers and other non-alcohol drinkers).

Jim Ryan will have all his Christmas fare for sale and will also have chicken livers for sale this Saturday, and the Market Kitchen will be using some of those to make some chicken liver pate for sale at the Pantry on Wednesday 22nd, so get your orders in on Sat! By the way, Jim' s diary that he regularly updates on his website makes for great reading - you can find it at this link.

The draw for the Bring a Friend didnt take place last Saturday in the general busyness of our Craft Day, so we're planning on doing that on Saturday at around 11 in the Cafe.

Talking of the Cafe, we'll have mince pies and Christmas Pudd available, along with carrot cake and Tunisian Orange Cake. Butternut squash and coriander soup and Chilli Con Carne (minus the dark chocolate if Pascale isnt here!).

Market on the 22nd of December

We'll send out another email early next week with an update on the market on the 22nd of December - as of now, we are expecting all stallholders to be here and we'll be open from 12 til 7pm; limited cafe service!

Charity Bookstall - dont forget to pick up some books at the Charity Bookstall to get you through the long days of Christmas - the usual TV fare is unlikely to grab your attention, so why not have a selection of books to hand - and a glass of wine for your spare hand of course!