Honest2Goodness Market Newsletter 12th January 2012


Welcome to this week's newsletter, everything back to normal routine this week, and hasnt the weather been most amazing, it really does feel like Spring (yes I know, it could yet turn awful on us, but lets be happy about getting a few nice days this time of year!).

Market news:

We have received a special appeal from one of our customers who has young children and would love if we could get in more childrens books into the Charity Bookstall. So, if you have any at home that are surplus to requirements, please bring them along on Saturday - all proceeds for the month are going to the Parkinsons Society - of course we would also love any spare books you have, not just childrens, but please they must be in good condition!

Stallholder news:

 We are expecting nearly all stalls to be back to us this Saturday, although still no word from Elmhurst Cottage. Mark and his Forever Living Products (Aloe Vera) is planning on being with us on a monthly basis, so more news on that later in the month.

With the improvement in the weather, Johnny tells me that his fish stall should be well-stocked up with everything this Saturday.

We also have a new stall starting with us on Saturday, called the Arun Bakery, specialising in sourdough, spelt, rye  & soda breads. The bread is baked locally in Stoneybatter; the samples that I tasted last Saturday were gorgeous, so try them out on Saturday! Paris Bakery breads will continue to be available at the Pantry.

Harfords Gluten free Bakery will have Sugar Free Banana Bread, Tomato and Basil Bread, Breakfast Muffins and Healthy Fruit Bars, while Sarah Jane and her Old Tarts xx Stall is back in action and she is also experimenting with lovely sounding health bars 'Sour Cherries, puffed rice, oats grated orange zest and honey equals perfect kids lunch box bars'

So, lots of baked goodies for everyone - and all sounding very healthy options for this time of year!

Also at the Pantry on Sat will be some specialist Spanish cheeses that we have sourced from a new Food and Wine shop in Donnybrook, called Black Pig Wines. Please ask us to taste them, as we are looking for customer feedback on them. And if you happen to be in Donnybrook during the week, please call into Paul and say hello, here is the shopfront, so you know what to look for! We will be stocking some more of the Black Pig produce in the coming weeks...


 To match the Spanish cheeses, we are continuing our special offer on the Anacal wines, with 2 for €18 (normal price of €10 each).

At the cafe this Saturday, we will have the return of the Jim Ryan ham Toastie special, and we also expect to have more of that lovely spanish Tortilla which the Harford Bakery are making for us (another return to the Spanish theme of the week!). Soup of the day will be decided when the veggies arrive in, while the hot dish of the day is set to be Thai Chicken - with lots of coconut milk and gentle spices.

Thats it for this weeks news. Please check back on the website at www.honest2goodness.ie for any last minute updates, and contact me at brid@honest2goodness.ie for any information on the market.

Brid & all at Honest2Goodness